WELCOME! Here is my not-terribly-eloquent attempt to grow closer to God via... blogging. Unfortunately for you, I'm not sure what that means either. I guess we'll find out!

I'm 30 years old, married to an IT Guy and a stay-at-home-mom to two spectacularly gorgeous children. While we attend Mass on Sunday mornings, I spend the entirety of the Eucharistic Prayer focused on making sure the baby uses her crayons on the bulletin, not the pew

You can read more about me at Mighty Maggie and more about my Catholic and not-so-Catholic background on the Official About Page. Thanks for visiting!

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Your joy and faith are so tangible and vivid. This whole post made me smile.


I haven't been here in a while. But I'm glad I stopped by today. Because I am the mom of a desperately lonely 15 year old girl who rebuffs every suggestion I give her for how to make friends and doesn't want to believe in God because He seems like a bossy rule-maker and is suddenly very into ghost stories and it all scares me, a lot. But I pray for her, every single day, and I know my God. I know He has good plans for my child and your testimony gives me hope. I can use all of that I can get right now, so thanks. :)

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