WELCOME! Here is my not-terribly-eloquent attempt to grow closer to God via... blogging. Unfortunately for you, I'm not sure what that means either. I guess we'll find out!

I'm 30 years old, married to an IT Guy and a stay-at-home-mom to two spectacularly gorgeous children. While we attend Mass on Sunday mornings, I spend the entirety of the Eucharistic Prayer focused on making sure the baby uses her crayons on the bulletin, not the pew

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I know exactly what you mean. I feel I am often the same way. I pray for miraculous healing for someone, but past a certain point it always feels impossible. It's not, I'm sure, but it feels foolish to expect a miracle. But I think the fact that we're praying at all shows that the faith is there somewhere--but you're right, even within that it's easy to limit God. This is good food for thought, for sure.

Sometimes I wonder how deep my faith is, and when I start to question things, I try to take a step back and remember moments that were totally "God moments", times when I was convinced my prayers were for naught, and then BOOM, prayer answered instantly. When I was in college, I was struggling with a major crush on a guy (also in the NDCF) that already had a girlfriend (and now they've been married almost 16 years, so...yeah). It was really distracting me, a constant weight on me. One weekend we were on a NDCF retreat, and I spent my morning quiet time repenting and praying about it. Then I went to our small group session, and at the end of the session we had to write down a sin we were struggling with, then take it over to the fireplace in the lodge and throw it in. Of course I wrote down that one, thinking this was just another symbolic thing that was nice to hope and pray for, but assuming it would be status quo. But you know what, I threw that sucker in the fireplace, and minutes later when the guy walked into the lodge for lunch, I was FINE. The power that desire held was gone. It was a miracle. Did I completely lose all the feelings I had for him? No, but they were significantly lessened and the overarching grip it had on my life was gone. Instantly. And ever since, whenever my faith gets shaky, I think back to that moment where I knew, without a doubt, that God was real and that he could answer prayer. Any prayer. There have been a couple other moments like that in my life, but that one was so huge and so obvious that I always come back to it. I prayed, but did I think God could instantly heal me? Probably not. I assumed he'd bring in some amazing guy to distract me, or something would happen where I'd be repulsed. But the instant healing was so amazing considering my personality and my penchant for hardcore crushes. It still blows my mind so many years later. And yet, when I ask repeatedly to be a better mother for my challenging son, or ask for my son to have peace in his heart despite his anger, sometimes it seems too big even for God. Silly, stupid me.


Wowza! What a powerful story! Thank you for sharing it here.

I'm getting roped into an evangelization team at our old parish and I kept doubting myself and my own abilities until I read this prayer by Colleen Mitchell. I think it applies to us all and anything that God is calling us to do:
Your final command to us was to go out and make disciples, baptizing them in Your Holy Name.
Too often I doubt that I have enough faith, enough courage, enough knowledge to go out and make disciples. Too often Lord, I do not believe I am a good enough disciple myself to evangelize others.
Help me to remember that it is not myself I am offering when I share the Good News of Christ.
The good I have to offer Lord, is YOU.
And you are the perfect goodness.
If I offer You and your Good News rather than myself, I will never lack in what I have to offer.
Send me, Lord, and let me carry your goodness out as an offering to all who need to know you.

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