WELCOME! Here is my not-terribly-eloquent attempt to grow closer to God via... blogging. Unfortunately for you, I'm not sure what that means either. I guess we'll find out!

I'm 30 years old, married to an IT Guy and a stay-at-home-mom to two spectacularly gorgeous children. While we attend Mass on Sunday mornings, I spend the entirety of the Eucharistic Prayer focused on making sure the baby uses her crayons on the bulletin, not the pew

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Hmmm. I sort of suspect they WOULD have an intercessory prayer team for that type of event. Would it help to attend Mercy Night first, before committing to it? As a way to feel out whether you'd be disappointed in being actually involved? I think you should explore it for sure. Also, *I* want to attend this Mercy Night!


You're just adorable. I agree, attend Mercy Night first, feel it out. Pray intercessorily (word?) for the other people there. You'll use your gift, even though you'll be with them, and you'll get to see how it works before you jump in with both feet. Sounds really neat and really unique - I've never heard of this at a Catholic church, either!


Agree with previous commenters and say it would be good to attend a Mercy Nght before committing to being actively involved with it. thank you for typing out the whole description of it because I've been trying to come up with some kind of prayer night for our school parents and this sounds plain awesome!

Also, Matt and. I have been meeting wth Engaged couples to go over their FOCCUS survey for the past year. We've gotten lots of positive feedback that the engaged couples really appreciate having youngish married couples to discuss the questions rather than with a priest or older married couple. They seem more open and honest and less guarded or defensive, but it really all depends on where the couple is at and how much they want to get out of the marriage prep. It's a great ministry to be a part of! Glad you and Phillip are embarking on it!

Sarah in Ottawa

I agree with Shelby and everyone else who suggests that you go to Mercy Night and see. It may be something you'd want to be involved in; if not, it will be a wonderful, prayerful evening.

This might sound flip (which is not the intention at all) but which activities do you feel you're being led to when you pray? I can go into more detail elsewhere, but the activities to which I am being led are ALWAYS the ones about which I feel peace when I become involved. Are these options feeling that way for you? Is this the right time for them? It's hard for me, but whenever I listen to his guidance, I am always rewarded.


I was just listening to a Bethel podcast today! :)

I think that you'd be great at praying OVER people! Go for it!


Concur with everyone. Go to a service or event w the prayer team and scope it out. And report back obvs. With love from, Meghan

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