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Reading (and chickens)

I have had this conversation with K and S, minus spiderman. K, who I have always thought of as my little atheist, shocked me when I asked him if God was real. "Of course!" he said, like I was crazy to think otherwise. So you never know who will think you're crazy for talking about, and who will think you're crazy for NOT.


The three-year-old doesn't really get it yet, the "God protecting her from bad dreams" thing. We try. The thing is...I try to be matter-of-fact about it, but I wonder if she senses I don't really FEEL it. Like, I really and truly believe God can help her with her bad dreams and her fear of the dark and her anxiety about day care. I just don't necessarily think he WILL. He CAN, but we just don't know what he'll do. And, frankly, I've always felt the act of praying itself is what is supposed to calm you and if it doesn't, you're out of luck. Because, though I'm SURE there have been answered prayers in my life, I have never felt it. To me, it feels like it doesn't make any difference at all beyond the act of praying being calming and allowing you to talk through something. But I'm not a feel-y sort of person. I'm super analytical and concrete. So my problem is I don't know how to teach that what I don't know.


To clarify, when I said I'm sure there's been answered prayer, I meant the law of averages mean there must be and surely God hasn't said no to every prayer I've ever prayed, right? But I have no specifics. At all. Never felt like my prayer was answered. And not in a BAD way, like he always says no. Just...I don't feel like I ever get an answer either way.

(This is why your super-praying stuff is so interesting to me.)


Ugh, NOW I'M GOING DOWN A RABBIT HOLE. To clarify, AGAIN. If something I prayed for turns out the way I wanted, I generally don't think it was because of my prayer. It COULD have been. Could have been someone else's prayer, though, could have been it would have happened either way, could have been chance. I never feel specifically answered, you know? And again, it's not like a deal-breaker for me. Like, I don't expect that I SHOULD feel answered and am ticked I don't. I just don't.


I think maybe you were the one who encouraged me to learn how to talk about all these things I believe. And even though 9 times out of 10 I still feel like an incredible dork trying to make words mean big thoughts, it's a whole lot easier than it was. I think it's important! And now I can make sure L and J get it too.


I love your description of how you feel talking to preschoolers - "it's almost like I respect them too much. Like they'll KNOW that I'm a big fat phony grown up and blow me off."

I feel this way about kids between the ages of 3-14.

That aside, I also want to have a family where we have open dialogue about God and what God is doing and can do. My parents didn't do much of this and then tried to start it when we were in middle school/high school and it was awkward and weird...and still is to this day.

We started praying before we go places - church, preschool, etc. It's usually in the van and it didn't start because of the best circumstances, but I'm really glad that it did start. We talk about ways we can show Jesus's love and we do things like pray over our candy donation to the church Halloween alternative.

Now, I also find myself seeing moments that would be a great opportunity to talk spiritual stuff with my kids and I just don't feel like going there at the moment. Those are the ones I need to take better advantage of. My parenting style (also known as "lazy") works against me sometimes.


Oh I liked this post!

When I was little my parents had me memorize various scriptures and then when I was afraid they would be all, "We'll what does the Bible say?!" and then I'd be all "[God's] perfect love casts out all fear", or something similar. :)


I think in our cynical world, faith is hard to talk about because it doesn't make sense. It's not logical. And it's also personal in a way that nothing else is.

I want my boys to figure out their own relationships with God, the way I was allowed to figure out mine. But what I forget sometimes is that they need a place to start and if I don't tell them about my relationship, I'm setting them off into a particularly nasty, confusing wilderness without any compass. The flip side is that sometimes when I talk to them about their ideas about God, I feel like they -- my little kids -- have a better, clearer picture of it all than any adult I know, including me.


I am constantly amazed how inquisitive young children are about God. I took Jo to eucharistic adoration last week and she was asking why the priest was wearing that special cloak and covered his hands to carry the golden candlestick thing but then used his bare hands at the end to open it up and remove the eucharist. I honestly had no idea why and she is still reminding me to ask someone else.


What a lovely post. I mean it. And I've had very similar conversations with my kids... actually, I kind of go all pentecostal (which I am not) with the bedtime fears and tell them they just have to say "In the name of Jesus, GO AWAY." And the Bible promises that any scary/bad thing HAS to go away. It mostly worked.

My problem is that apparently I talk in Christianese or something and so my kids feel like my faith is somewhat unacessable to them. (I actually do say stuff like "God told me..." sometimes). So the other night, Leah, who asked Jesus into her heart just after camp this summer (a little surprising to me, because I thought she already had. But awesome because at 11 it was like she was claiming the faith for herself)... she came downstairs after bedtime looking kind of weepy and said she was worried because God has never talked to her and she doesn't *feel* him with her. Ack. I went into a big thing about how He talks to us through His Word and our pastors/teachers/etc but she was having none of that... she wants a booming voice. I kept trying to reassure her that really it's that His Spirit talks to our spirits and it takes time and practice to recognize when that happens. She finally went to bed. And then I searched the house for a devotional for her to use because I totally get what she's saying and I'm the exact same way.

WHEW! I just wrote a blog post in your comments. Sorry.

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