WELCOME! Here is my not-terribly-eloquent attempt to grow closer to God via... blogging. Unfortunately for you, I'm not sure what that means either. I guess we'll find out!

I'm 30 years old, married to an IT Guy and a stay-at-home-mom to two spectacularly gorgeous children. While we attend Mass on Sunday mornings, I spend the entirety of the Eucharistic Prayer focused on making sure the baby uses her crayons on the bulletin, not the pew

You can read more about me at Mighty Maggie and more about my Catholic and not-so-Catholic background on the Official About Page. Thanks for visiting!

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I called it on you being a three. And good luck with finding where your talents are best put to use. That's always hard for me.


I'm interested in this enneagram stuff now. Hopping over to library webpage, stat.

But first - you're not talking about my blog, are you? Because it would make me sad to think I was driving people away by appearing to perfect - I really try NOT to do that.

Sarah in Ottawa

I'm with Arwen - the enneagram stuff sounds awesome!

I also understand your struggles with prayer. I suspect that it confounds a lot of Catholics, frankly. At least, anecdotally, I know it to be true, as my entire Familia group wants to do a series on prayer next year. It's so hard for me to just be still and pray and...oh! (You should see me attempting yoga. LAUGHABLE!) I don't have any answers, other than to say don't worry about not measuring up to other Catholic moms online. Your route to figuring it out is your route - yours and yours alone. If it involves reading about being a Three rather than the liturgy of the hours, so be it.


Arwen you are one of my fave Catholic writers. Maggie is the other.

I haven't been to church in ages and wonder if I'll just lapse or have the guts to convert or maybe find a renewed confidence that the Catholic church is where I am supposed to be. in the mean time though, i do miss worshipping in the way of simply going to church. oh this faith business, it's hard. Enjoyed your post!


Um, I'm a NDC type girl and I'm also not so very great at the Be Still thing. When I do my quiet times, I usually use a journal simply because writing my prayer means I'm more likely to stay on topic (but not always!). Just putting that out there. :)


I've been catching up with your posts so am I just reading this now, and it reminded me of a homily from my parish church a few weeks ago. Maybe you'll find this not at all helpful, but just in case...here is the address for the homily where our pastor basically gives instructions on how to pray and specifically a couple ways to deal with distractions during prayer: http://www.hfk2.org/homilies/07-25-2010.pdf
(This is from Holy Family Parish in Kirkland)

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