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  • Desperate not to spend another summer hiding out in fat and/or maternity clothes, I'm determined to drop thirty pounds of baby weight by my thirtieth birthday- July 18, 2009. How unfortunate, then, that I prefer to spend nap time in front of my television with a vat of ice cream. But I've lost these same thirty pounds twice before and I can do it again. I shall do this by steering clear of white flour and sugar and moving my stumpy legs as fast as they will go on our new treadmill. In front of the television, of course. You can also find me at mightymaggie.com.

Beyond The Baby Weight

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  • Week One: April 5
  • Starting Weight: March 30

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July 09, 2009


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I'm proud of you too.

For what it's worth, I'm stuck at 152. I'm dying, absolutely DYING to get back to what I weighed at that first prenatal appointment when I was pregnant with Lucy, which was 149. And I know I'd gained a couple of pounds before I got there, but I'm willing to take the 149. And I don't know why I'm so obsessed with the number because I don't even know if I got down to 149 if my clothes would just magically fit, or if I'd be in that category of people whose bodies changed during pregnancy #2 and who lose the weight only to find their clothes don't fit right anymore

Anyway. I think you've done an awesome amazing, inspiring thing.


You SHOULD be proud of yourself, because what you've done is AMAZING, and I think this is a good place to call it good. Yay for you!


This is really cool. Do you think you experienced a runners high that day you cried? This is testament to the power of sport; the feelings it can evoke.

I get really sad/sentimental when I think about how I'll never play competitive sports again - but then I think about running and how it can provide 99.9% of the rush that I crave, via a solitary, there whenever you've got the energy, low cost sport.

The story that you've documented here over the past 10 months or whatever is just awesome I'm saying and you should absolutely take a blog post or two to celebrate it and get sappy or whatever.


First of all, you are AWESOME so you should be proud of yourself! Secondly, it's weird how easy it is to get caught up in the numbers on the scale. I thought I was doing pretty well at not caring, but then I got pregnant and it almost physically HURTS me to see the numbers go up every time I step on. Even though I know that not only am I allowed to gain weight, I am SUPPOSED to gain weight. And even though I'm still 16 lbs under what I was at this point last pregnancy it's bothering me WAY more now than it ever did then.

Anyway, the goal was hot by thirty right? So the numbers shouldn't matter as long as you feel hot:)


I've loved reading this blog and will be sad to see it end, but I think it's awesome that the reason it will end will be because it has served its purpose and you have reached your goal! Look in the mirror, revel in the hotness, and call it good.

And I for one would really like to see the before and after photos. :o)

Sarah in Ottawa

I am so, so glad that you are feeling awesome about yourself! And don't worry about sappy. We can handle it; feel free to bring it at will.

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