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  • Desperate not to spend another summer hiding out in fat and/or maternity clothes, I'm determined to drop thirty pounds of baby weight by my thirtieth birthday- July 18, 2009. How unfortunate, then, that I prefer to spend nap time in front of my television with a vat of ice cream. But I've lost these same thirty pounds twice before and I can do it again. I shall do this by steering clear of white flour and sugar and moving my stumpy legs as fast as they will go on our new treadmill. In front of the television, of course. You can also find me at mightymaggie.com.

Beyond The Baby Weight

  • Week 10: June 1
  • Week Six: May 11
  • Week Five: May 4
    There was no Week Five
  • Week Four: April 27
  • Week Three: April 20
  • Week Two: April 13
  • Week One: April 5
  • Starting Weight: March 30

Weigh In

  • Week 21
  • FEBRUARY 13, 2009
  • Week 19
  • Week 18
  • Week 17
  • Week 16
  • Week 15
  • Week 14
  • Week 13
  • Week 12
  • Week 11
  • Week Ten
  • Week Nine aka After Thanksgiving
  • Week Eight
  • Week Seven
  • Week Six
    Wait. Was there a week six? Oops.
  • Week Five
  • Week Four
  • Week Three
  • Week Two
  • Week One
  • Starting Weight

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June 22, 2009


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You have really done so amazing at this whole weight loss/health thing. I am very impressed.


I restrain myself from those lists too. I MISS YOU CHEESE!!


If you like Indian food, I seem to recall that Basmati rice is lower GI (not as good as brown, but at least in the mid-range list).
Congrats on the maintaining, which is the hardest part for most people!


At one point I became less about calorie counting and about calorie budgeting. For instance: I would rather have the carbs from a fresh slice of bread from Balthazar Bakery than a hamburger bun or overdone fries, so I grab the burger wrapped in lettuce and pat myself on the back (I mean, the calories in cheese and beef don't count, because they are protein, right?).


Maggie, you're doing great! I've found that it gets to a point where you can look at yourself, your day, your life, and realize that you have made a change in lifestyle that makes you a healthy person. I don't know if I'll ever be one of those people who doesn't need the scale to keep her focused (because, seriously? If I don't stay focused we've got serious problems.) but being able to recognize that I'm a healthy eater with a healthy view of excercise, etc. is huge. Keep up the great work!


I think your idea of maintaining sounds nice and realistic. You will gain weight sometimes, but then you can lose it again. Maintaining doesn't mean your weight never budges. You know?

Also, the whole "after my birthday" thing is kind of like spending money. Whenever we think of something we want to buy we say we'll do it next year. I don't know what the hell kind of money we think we'll be coming into next year. At this point we've mentally spent our entire annual income. Oops.

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