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  • Desperate not to spend another summer hiding out in fat and/or maternity clothes, I'm determined to drop thirty pounds of baby weight by my thirtieth birthday- July 18, 2009. How unfortunate, then, that I prefer to spend nap time in front of my television with a vat of ice cream. But I've lost these same thirty pounds twice before and I can do it again. I shall do this by steering clear of white flour and sugar and moving my stumpy legs as fast as they will go on our new treadmill. In front of the television, of course. You can also find me at mightymaggie.com.

Beyond The Baby Weight

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  • Week One: April 5
  • Starting Weight: March 30

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May 10, 2009


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I didn't know they made iPods that small. That's really cool, although I would be worried about losing it too.


You are such a rock star. And you're super HAWT besides.


Great job, you! And, a size 8?? That is awesome. I don't know that I'll ever be an 8 again, but here's hoping.

Also: UGH. I'm not weighing in today because it's the wrong week o'the month to do so, and also because I've been eating kee-rap (pizza and nachos) lately. So boo. For me.

But yay for you. (and thanks for having this site so I can BLAH all my weight details somewhere!)


for a second I thought your husband bought you a house. Wow vacation brain over here. Good luck not losing your Ipod and Excellent work on the size 8 pantalons! That is a dream of mine as well. Annnnnd, hubby and I just did our weigh ins after 10 days of gluttony and the damage is not as bad as we thought. So, back on the wagon and all excited over here too.

Kate P

Nice work, Maggie!!!


Size 8?! I am jealous. Despite being 10 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight, my post pregnancy belly won't accept anything smaller than a size 10. BOO.


It makes me happy that you fit into a size 8 at 157 pounds. It's a good reminder that not everyone needs to weigh 125 pounds to wear a single-digit size, and that body structure matters.


If you are the fat friend, I can't be your friend because of these reasons:
a.) I would be your huge blob friend, and
b.) well I can't really put it into words.. it's mostly just a lot of eye rolling in your general direction. @@ which does not make a good friendship.

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