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  • Desperate not to spend another summer hiding out in fat and/or maternity clothes, I'm determined to drop thirty pounds of baby weight by my thirtieth birthday- July 18, 2009. How unfortunate, then, that I prefer to spend nap time in front of my television with a vat of ice cream. But I've lost these same thirty pounds twice before and I can do it again. I shall do this by steering clear of white flour and sugar and moving my stumpy legs as fast as they will go on our new treadmill. In front of the television, of course. You can also find me at mightymaggie.com.

Beyond The Baby Weight

  • Week 10: June 1
  • Week Six: May 11
  • Week Five: May 4
    There was no Week Five
  • Week Four: April 27
  • Week Three: April 20
  • Week Two: April 13
  • Week One: April 5
  • Starting Weight: March 30

Weigh In

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  • FEBRUARY 13, 2009
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    Wait. Was there a week six? Oops.
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  • Week Four
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  • Starting Weight

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October 01, 2008


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The mall definitely counts as exercise. Shopping makes me really tired.


Nursing hunger is the worst! So many times I have just been overcome by it and shoved whatever I can find in my mouth. That's why I'm trying to eat really every couple of hours (just little stuff). And, FYI, doing ANYTHING with two kids counts as exercise. Just getting INTO the car with my two boys makes me break a sweat. I have started running lately and doing a video weight workout 2x/ week. I just need to get better about eating right and not stuffing my face. I hope this helps keep me accountable too!


Ok, I know you don't need one more thing to look at on the internet...BUT, one of my favorite weight loss bloggers has created this thing where you can "tweet" your food entries to create a table so you can keep track of your food. Don't know if you are interested, but thought I'd share. She has a really good personal blog AND an excellent food type blog with lots and lots of ideas for simple simple healthy meals. www.ronisweigh.com and www.greenlitebytes.com. She lost about 60 lb and has maintained for about 2 yrs and started right after she had her baby.

AND, give yourself a break! You are doing good its just going to take time.

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